It’s no secret that we admired Steve Moloney’s competition routine at the 2016 WBC in Dublin and that we are pretty big fans of his competition initiative, The Barista League. Already one of the biggest competitions in Northern Europe, The Barista League is attracting a diverse crowd of competitors and attendees not seen in traditional competitions, including 75% female competitors in the most recent competition – and we’re excited to see what the league is doing and where it will be going! For their second season, teams of leading baristas from all around Europe will converge to compete in three rounds of espresso, sensory and mystery challenges at events in Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Berlin, and we’re super excited to partner with them in Gothenburg for their newest initiative: The Barista League Sideline events.

On March 26 from 12:00 to 14:30, in the midst of the collective hangover from the night before, we’ll be running and recording a special educational panel discussion hosted by local Kafferostare Per Nordby titled “Cracking Certifications”. Starting with the question, “why is talking about certifications so difficult?”, we’ll bring together the voices of producers, certifying bodies, and green buyers to build a fuller picture of certification, from their aims to their achievements, as well as the considerations that producers and green buyers take into account when making decisions. In the context of baristas, this event will offer the unique opportunity to ask some of the difficult questions: why do we talk about certified and specialty coffees as being mutually exclusive? Can we back up any of our claims that we’re providing more sustainable solutions for our producers, or are we just parroting what we’ve been told?

Tickets are limited and priced at 90kr (9.50 eur), which includes admission, coffee, refreshments, and a light lunch.

The Barista League: Gothenburg produced by:
The Barista League
TBL Gothenburg Sideline event produced by: Tamper Tantrum Ltd
Title Partner: Ally Coffee

Where: Kafferostare Per Nordby, Korpralsgatan 1-3, Gothenburg
When: Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 12:30 to 14:30