It’s no secret that we admired Steve Moloney’s competition routine at the 2016 WBC in Dublin and that we are pretty big fans of his competition initiative, The Barista League. Already one of the biggest competitions in Northern Europe, The Barista League is attracting a diverse crowd of competitors and attendees not seen in traditional competitions, including 75% female competitors in the most recent competition – and we’re excited to see what the league is doing and where it will be going! For their second season, teams of leading baristas from all around Europe will converge to compete in three rounds of espresso, sensory and mystery challenges at events in Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Berlin, and we’re super excited to partner with them in Gothenburg for their newest initiative: The Barista League Sideline events.

On March 26 from 12:00 to 14:30, in the midst of the collective hangover from the night before, we’ll be running and recording a special educational panel discussion hosted by local Kafferostare Per Nordby titled “Cracking Certifications”. Starting with the question, “why is talking about certifications so difficult?”, we’ll bring together the voices of producers, certifying bodies, and green buyers to build a fuller picture of certification, from their aims to their achievements, as well as the considerations that producers and green buyers take into account when making decisions. In the context of baristas, this event will offer the unique opportunity to ask some of the difficult questions: why do we talk about certified and specialty coffees as being mutually exclusive? Can we back up any of our claims that we’re providing more sustainable solutions for our producers, or are we just parroting what we’ve been told?

Tickets are limited and priced at 90kr (9.50 eur), which includes admission, coffee, refreshments, and a light lunch.

The Barista League: Gothenburg produced by:
The Barista League
TBL Gothenburg Sideline event produced by: Tamper Tantrum Ltd
Title Partner: Ally Coffee

Where: Kafferostare Per Nordby, Korpralsgatan 1-3, Gothenburg
When: Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 12:00 to 14:30







Angel Mario Martinez-Garcia | Progreso Producer Development Program

Originally from Colima, Mexico, Angel Mario graduated in Marketing and started his career as a market research coordinator/strategic planner. In 2004, he made a life-changing move to the Netherlands, which brought his interests towards sustainable supply chains.

Since then, he has been involved in the Progreso program; and since 2009, has lead the program’s expansion in Africa and Asia. He is a member of the Sustainability Advisory Committee of the unified SCA. He has recently completed and MBA in Sustainable Business and has travelled to most of the coffee and cocoa producing countries in the world. He has gained tremendous first-hand experience of the issues affecting these sectors, and how to find out – together with smallholders producers – the best way to address them.

How Angel Mario will help us “crack” certifications in Gothenburg this March
Although Angel Mario does not represent a certification, he does work with producer groups/farmers directly and has experienced certification first hand with the producers—so he’s well aware of both the pros and the cons of certifying coffee. Whilst he has good relationships with all major certifications, he has been known to be very critical of them as well and does not shy away from pushing them to do better.



Sara Morrocchi | Vuna Origin Consulting | facebook

Born in Italy and educated in the UK, Sara found her path in the specialty coffee sector in various roles since 2007.

A social scientist by training, she began working as a development worker in Kenya in early 2000s, and started to grow an interest in ways to grow and strengthen rural supply chains in East Africa.

She began working as East Africa supply chain manager for Sustainable Harvest in 2007. This role would keep her working in Tanzania for the next four years. Later, she moved to headquarters in Portland, OR heading up the Global Procurement and Supply Chain management team for 4 years.

Sara has recently moved to Amsterdam to start her Vuna Origin Consulting, specialized in supply chain strategies and product development in green coffee and cacao. The perfect mix of origin travel, suppliers’ relationships and tropical products makes her work extremely exciting.

She is passionate about creating long-term sustainable solutions to empower and incentivize supply chain actors in collaborative ways.

How Sara will help us “crack” certifications in Gothenburg this March
Like Angel Mario, Sara is familiar with the pros and cons of certification when it comes to developing supply chains and bringing coffee to market, but for “Cracking Certifications”, she’ll be speaking from the perspective of those who choose to NOT use certification schemes to promote coffees, but who can still claim to effect sustainability and traceability.



Joanna Alm | Drop Coffee | twitterinstagram

Joanna Alm is from Dalarna in the north of Sweden. She ran a coffee bar in Oslo for a few years, moved home to Sweden, and started working at Drop in 2010. A few years ago, Joanna became partner in the company and is now the CEO, head roaster, and green coffee buyer at Drop Coffee. She’s a two-time winner of the Swedish Roasting Championship (2015-2016) who has placed consistently in the final four at the World Roasting Championships during her time representing Sweden over the past three years (2014-2016).

Joanna is also known for her passion for coffee education and community, participating as a speaker, panellist, lecturer, and attendee at coffee events worldwide both as Drop Coffee’s Head Roaster and as a working group member of the Roaster Guild of Europe.

How Joanna will help us “crack” certifications in Gothenburg this March
After working for many years with a well-known and well-regarded importer, Joanna is starting to work with producers directly and has strong feelings about making sure that those on the coffee consuming end of the chain do good for those who produce it. Despite this, she has never carried a certified coffee at Drop, choosing instead to develop producer contracts and guidelines that stipulate certain farm working conditions to be met and document the buying process from start to finish. She’s been working on these with the assistance of Parul Sharma, head of Corportate Social Responsibility Compliance at Vinge Law firm, who has many years’ experience of CSR in the supply chain, human rights, and anti-corruption in high risk markets.



Elisabet Lim | Fairtrade Sweden

Working as Business Development Manager at Fairtrade Sweden, Elisabet loves doing business but is  also passionate about companies taking their corporate responsibility seriously by creating sustainable communities in their supply chains. After 20 years as buyer and sourcing manager in the fashion industry, including two years stationed in Hong Kong, Elisabet joined the Fairtrade movement in 2009 and has never looked back since–doing business while improving lifes for people around the world is the best job she can think of. Apart from that, Elisabet spends a lot of her free time frantically looking through vintage stores to find dresses that she can remake to fit her perfectly. It’s an obsession she doesn’t plan to overcome!

How Elisabet will help us ”crack” certifications in Gothenburg this March
As Product and Key Account Manager for Fairtrade International in Sweden, Elisabet will be there to help us work through the operations and inner workings of Fairtrade International whilst looking at the impact of certifications (Fairtrade International, specifically) have had on the livelihoods of producers around the world.



Marcus Schaefer | Rainforest Alliance

Marcus lives and works on Djurö island in the Stockholm archipelago and is the sole representative of the Rainforest Alliance in the Nordics. He has worked for the organisation since 2007 managing communications, company, and stakeholder relations. Whilst there is a long road left before the coffee sector becomes truly sustainable, Marcus sees the sector as a positive example of how multi-stakeholder collaborations can minimize the negative environmental and social impacts of coffee production, collaborations needed in order to address the impact of climate change and secure coffee production for the future. Marcus is a keen white water kayaker and during spring, can be found at the wild waters of northern Sweden. Out of the water he enjoys climbing and slack-lining with his family.

How Marcus will help us ”crack” certifications in Gothenburg this March
Marcus will present how Rainforest Alliance works to protect biodiversity and create sustainable livelihoods for famers and foresters worldwide, and present the impact on both environment and livelihoods.