Manchester Coffee Festival (2016)

November 2016 will see the return of Tamper Tantrum to Cup North, an independent Manchester-based coffee festival run with the aim of bringing the best of the specialty coffee industry to the north of England. We had the pleasure of working with Hannah Davies and Ricardo Gandara, the Cup North dream-team, in 2014 at their inaugural event and again in 2015 with their successful second run. We love the vibe at this event–this year, we’re taking advantage of Cup North’s adventurous audience and developing some exciting new programming just for them! 

Read more about Brubiaceae & Bar, our premiere of unreleased videos from our first-ever New York Event, and our industry-focused evening discussion with some of the super stars of the Northern coffee scene on building and growing a coffee business below!

Where: Manchester Coffee Festival, Victoria Warehouse (Manchester)
What: Brubiaceae & Bar, Favourites & Firsts, The Business of Brewing, and Coffee Confessional
Who: Colin Harmon, Stephen Leighton, Sam Tawil, Alison Bell, Pete Gibson, Claire Wallace, Tim Bosworth
When: 5 November 2016 (Manchester Coffee Festival: Nov 5-6) 

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Why let a good screen go to waste? Most of our daytime focus at the Manchester Coffee Festival this year is going to be on the bar (more directly below!), but with our evening program of discussion and debate on the business of brewing, we thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of our favourite bits and pieces from Tamper Tantrum’s past–including some of our newest unreleased videos of the incredible event we ran in New York! That’s right, northern coffee fans–you’ll be the first folks outside of those who joined us in Taylor Street’s Madison Avenue shop on September 25th to see the utterly inspiring talks we enjoyed from Jenn Chen, Matt Perger, Colleen Anunu, and Nick Cho!

Full scheduling coming shortly–just in case you’re the kind of person that likes to plan  your day at a coffee festival like you would a music festival–but rest assured there are some absolute gems coming to the (not-so-big) screen we’ll have this year.


We wanted to try something different–super different–for this year’s Manchester Coffee Festival, so we put together a homebrewing competition (brubiaceae) for coffee flower beers.

Entrants to the competition, using coffee flowers provided by HasBean Coffee, have been asked to brew two litres of a homebrew beer to bring to Manchester Coffee Festival on November 5th, where they’ll present samples of their coffee flower concoction to you (!!) as well as to a panel of judges for consideration.

As this is our first year running this competition, we’ve kept things super small–if you want a chance to try some of the brubiaceae brews, you’ll need to keep an eye on the clock and make sure you’re at the bar when samples go out!

Wait, what? Coffee FLOWERS??
Yes, you read that correctly! Coffee is a fruit, really, and the “beans” we so lovingly roast, grind, and brew are actually the seeds inside of the coffee fruit. In addition to the brubiaceae brews, we’ll also be offering some tasting samples of brewed cascara–the dried coffee fruit–and coffee flower tea. It puts coffee in a whole new light!

Before you tell me what else is happening, I saw “coffee beer” listed as a thing available from the bar–is that just the Brubiaceae entries, or…?
Clever cloggs! Yes, you read that correctly–we’ll also have a select few of our favourite coffee beers on hand for you to sample, courtesy of some local-ish breweries that like to geek out about coffee as much as we do. More info soon, although you’re in the know, you can probably guess which beers will be making an appearance based on those little partnership logos above!


It simply wouldn’t be a Tamper Tantrum event if we didn’t give Steve and Colin a microphone and pop them up on a stage, right? “The Business of Brewing” is a multi-faceted look at building and growing a coffee business through a series of discussions with some of the brightest stars of the north’s coffee scene:

cn_abellAlison Bell | Newcastle, UK
BLK Coffee Heaton

For Alison, the transition from barista to coffee shop owner came about pretty quickly – perhaps even unexpectedly! – but she supposes she always longed to do something of her own. Although she only began working in coffee three and a half years ago, Alison now runs BLK Coffee in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which has been open for about fifteen months.  She’s still learning every day, but she’s really proud to be one of a handful of people working to put Newcastle on the map for speciality coffee – placing second in the UK Brewers Cup earlier this year was a real highlight.


tbosworthTimothy Bosworth | Harrogate, UK
Hoxton North

Timothy Bosworth is the co-founder / Director of Hoxton North a London-inspired group of coffeeshops & bars, in Harrogate.   He has a background in Psychology and an interest in Human Behaviour, Digital Technology, hospitality & Education. He has been featured as an ambassador on MTV as part of the “A Grand Idea” which was a national campaign to engage young people (14 – 25) in setting up their own enterprise. As well as this, he has been featured on the, BBC Good Food, LUX magazine, Root & Bone and many more.


Pete Gibson | Manchester, UK

Pete graduated university with a degree in Environmental Science and a desire to work with people in an outdoor setting. Gaining qualifications in the outdoor industry Pete started an outdoor company working with young people and corporate groups on team development courses in 2010. During this time Pete also worked as an expedition leader and led trips across Africa, South America and Asia gaining experience in jungle survival and high altitude mountain leadership.

Grindsmith was an opportunity to run a business that survived the colder climates on the UK as Pete’s other work only provided a livelihood during the warmer months.

The speed of Grindsmith’s growth quickly saw it become full time and Pete leading the operational delivery for the company. Pete is working towards bringing both  passions together and start to travel overseas to work directly with coffee farms not only to source great coffee but invest back in education and social programs at source.


cwallaceClaire Wallace | Edinburgh, UK
Brew Lab

Claire is currently the Head Barista at Brew Lab, a quality focused coffee bar in Edinburgh.  After working part time in coffee at university, her passion for the brew took her in an unexpected direction, and 4 years later she’s still working with the good stuff! Claire came third at her first outing in the UK Barista Championships this year, and connects with the wider European coffee community through her volunteer work with the Barista Guild of Europe. Time off bar is spent exploring sensory goodness in other forms – good food and cocktails!


Sam Tawil | Liverpool, UK
Bold St. Coffee

If you’re working in coffee or planning a coffee business–or even if you’re just toying with the idea!–this is something you won’t want to miss.


We figure this one is pretty self explanatory, but just in case: coffee invokes all kinds of emotion in people, whether you’re passionate about the way you drink it or have a strong opinion about which burrs are best, so we’re setting up a camera onsite for you to come share and document your coffee loves, pet-peeves, hopes, and dreams. No rules or requirements–just pop in and chat to the camera!


Just can’t wait for November 5th to come? Revisit last year’s Cup North 2015 below and catch up on the previous years’ videos here!

2015 Cup North video, with thanks to Gnarled Apple Productions

About Cup North: Cup North is an independent Manchester based coffee events company run with the aim of bringing the best of the speciality coffee industry to the north of England. The Cup North event was started in 2014 by Hannah Davies and Ricardo Gandara who met at a Manchester coffee shop through their mutual love of coffee. This year, Cup North will be debuting the inaugural Manchester Coffee Festival on 5 & 6 November 2016. For more information, please visit