The coffee industry is an industry full of interesting people with incredible stories: we are a platform dedicated to broadcasting those stories to a worldwide audience. We focus our work on sourcing a diverse range of opinions, data, and theories from various ends of the coffee spectrum and converging them into one place as a platform for learning and debate.

In addition to hosting a fortnightly podcast, we have built a library of coffee lectures amassed over the last seven years of live events and interviews. Tamper Tantrum Live has been hosted and recorded in over ten cities around the world, from Dublin to Taipei and many more in between.

Tamper Tantrum is at the forefront of internationally renowned coffee events and will continue to create valuable content through live shows and events many countries across the world for years to come.

Live Events 
We offer a broad range of lengths and types of live programs, each of which is based on live talks from purposefully chosen speakers, live Q&A with the audience, and banter.

We’re always excited to build new things with partners who prize the sharing of ideas and the building of our community as much as we do–get in touch for more information!

We produce a fortnightly podcast which plays host to coffee luminary guests, general coffee banter, deep dives into proper geekery, and bucketfuls of mad ideas–all as discussed by Stephen Leighton, Colin Harmon, and on occasion, Jenn Rugolo.

Have an idea, want to ask a question, need to correct us? You know what to do! 

Mad Ideas & Mischief
We’re always on the look out for ways to have a bit of craic, but our most notable, ehm, work in this area is undoubtedly the World Coffee Throwing Championship. More mischief coming soon, though!