Tamper Tantrum inadvertently came into being the morning after the 2009 World Barista Championship when Colin Harmon, Steven Leighton, and Ben Helfen recorded a long and somewhat controversial conversation about all things coffee. Shortly after returning to Ireland and the UK respectively, Colin and Steve realised that they’d come across something that they both enjoyed doing and so began Tamper Tantrum, a monthly video blog where they would delve into coffee news and debate wild ideas.

Halfway through one of the monthly podcasts, Steve and Colin had yet another wild idea–host a live Tamper Tantrum with guest speakers. Invited speakers were asked to speak for 20 uncensored minutes on whatever topic about which they were most passionate; afterwards, Steve and Colin would moderate a short, healthy Q&A (and sometimes, as it turned out, an actual debate) between the audience and the speaker. The first Tamper Tantrum Live, held in Dublin in 2011, was incredibly successful: the show was sold out nearly immediately and the recorded videos, although dimly lit, garnered tens of thousands of views within a few months.

After realising how popular the Tamper Tantrum Live format was, Steve and Colin began planning yet another live show in Dublin in 2012. Shortly afterwards, they were approached by World Coffee Events to bring the live show to an international audience in a way they never thought would be possible: alongside the 2012 World Barista Championship in Vienna. This began a partnership that has since seen Tamper Tantrum Live hosted at the 2013 World of Coffee in Nice, at the 2014 UKBC in Birmingham, and on the 2014 Asia Tour of Busan, Shanghai, and Taipei.

In early 2015, Tamper Tantrum decided to take the next step and become a stand-alone entity, officially bringing former-resident-ocd-er Jenn Rugolo into the fold, and set up with a mission to provide regular informative and inspiring content through the fortnight podcast, recorded talks from live events, and more. Now hailed as “one of the world’s premier platforms for coffee bickering, brainstorming, and live speaking engagements,” Tamper Tantrum is delighted to bring inspiring groups of speakers to a worldwide audience.

Colin is from Dublin Ireland, and is a three-time Irish Barista Champion and Barista/Proprietor at 3FE Dublin. Follow him on twitter on @dublinbarista and his blog at http://colinharmon.wordpress.com/

Steve is a coffee roaster from Stafford, selling coffee online as Hasbean Coffee. A known blogger at http://www.hasblog.co.uk and http://www.inmymug.com, Steve can be found on twitter on @hasbean

Jenn is a project manager and ex-academic who got wholly stuck into coffee thanks to Colin and Steve. She doesn’t have much to say, but you can follow her on twitter at @jennfinity if you’re so inclined.