Two weeks ago, we ran our first-ever US event at Taylor St. Barista’s Madison Avenue shop in New York and, today, we are super excited to release our first video of our opening speaker: the incredibly inspiring Meister. Described by Nick Cho as “a secular sermon”, there was no better way to kick off a day about understanding bias and creating a more diverse industry than with Meister’s look at what it means to be ambitious in coffee. Although it holds gems for both employees and employers working in coffee alike, Meister’s thoughts on ambition and management ring true to all non-traditional industries and endeavours.

This, like all of the talks from NY, should be saved on one of your devices somewhere indefinitely and referred to whenever you start to question why you’re doing what you’re doing. We spent a few months with this talk as Meister was preparing it, and we still glean something new from it every time we listen.

Meister has spent the past nearly 16 years brewing, contemplating, questioning, exploring, learning about, teaching about, and writing about coffee. She is passionate about the people who make specialty coffee special, and has dedicated her career to creating lines of communication between experts and novices in various areas of the industry, as well as improving access to information and encouraging open-minded critical conversation around quality, sustainability, and consumer appeal. She’s written about coffee for both trade and mainstream publications, and is the author of a forthcoming book about the history of coffee in New York City, due out in 2017. She hopes to stay curious and caffeinated.