Francesco Sanapo wears many hats: barista champion, coach, art director, trainer, Q-grader, roaster, shop owner. It is this last hat in particular that drives Francesco’s presentation for Cup North, “Barista Attitude & Third Wave Shops”, and the one that most fascinates us: perhaps nobody knows, quite as well as Francesco and his staff, the importance of attitude when serving customers a product that pushes their boundaries.

This talk contains what might be our favourite story about gaining customer trust, not only because it is complete with Italian hand gesticulation in the retelling, but because it is an extraordinary example of going above and beyond with unexpected results. Francesco’s passion for coffee and his customers is palpable as he walks us through what it takes to offer exceptional customer care—we hope it inspires you to go above and beyond, too.

*Unfortunately, Francesco’s microphone wasn’t anchored properly–it kept slipping below the collar of his jumper, causing some static. Many apologies! 

A familiar face on the WBC Stage, Francesco Sanapo is a three-time Italian Barista Champion, 2013 WBC Finalist, and competitor coach. If not in his internationally-recognized coffee shop, Ditta Artigianale, based in the beautiful city of Florence, you’re most likely to find Francesco training and educating—he’s an SCAE AST and Q-Grader.

Francesco is also the art director of the first international talent show dedicated entirely to the world of top-quality coffee: Barista & Farmer, a one-of-a-kind, innovative project aimed at promoting coffee culture, from plantation harvesting in the countries of origin, through all the processing phases.