This week, as a special Christmas treat, we are jumping the gun a little bit and sharing an incredible call to action from The Coffee Collective’s Klaus Thomsen from CoLab: Paris. We’re sharing this now for two reasons: (1) we’re hoping that with the holiday break, you’ll have the time to watch it from start to finish in one go and (2) this time of year is all about reflecting on the past year and planning for the future. We’re sincerely hoping that you’ll take Klaus’ message into account when you’re making those New Year’s resolutions.

We’ve made it absolutely no secret that we’ve been asking Klaus Thomsen to come and speak at a Tamper Tantrum since its very inception, and we think it has been worth the wait to get up on stage–this presentation highlights one of the less-spoken about challenges facing the continued production of specialty coffee  before offering some solutions as to how we can take strong steps to improve our collective futures.