Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few different styles of speaker presentations: those that share a particular experience or paradigm; those that ask provoking questions (some with potential solutions, some without); the presentation of finished research; those that offer a glimpse of new work, still in progress. Whilst each is valuable in their own right, there is something undeniably special about seeing new ideas put into practice without any certainty as to the outcome: these presentations offer us the opportunity to not only become a part of the speakers’ journey, but also—once the work has been completed—as a later snapshot of the learning that has taken place.

This week’s release, “Soil Biology” by Tim Wendelboe, falls into this latter category of presentations: Tim shares with us his journey to understand and apply Dr. Elaine Ingham’s concepts of soil biology, biological farming, and thermal composting, to his farm project, Finca El Suelo in Colombia. Regardless of how these concepts positively or negatively impact Finca El Suelo’s production in the coming years, it is inspiring to see a barista accepting responsibility in creating a plausible future for quality coffee: “I have a lot of crazy ideas that might or might not improve the coffee quality, but I am not willing to ask the farmers I buy from to risk their income and coffee in order to test and experiment for me” (Tim Wendelboe to Leif Haven, Eater.com).