So, myself (Colin Harmon) and Steve got to talking and we came up with an idea: what if we got some really cool coffee folk, people who really know what they’re on about, and invited them to come and give us a 20 minute talk on a coffee topic of their choice?

What if we told them to make it as geeky as they wanted, and focus on as minute a detail as they’d like to without having to generalise or dumb down and we streamed it live on the web and got a live studio audience of 100 people in to watch it?

Well, strangely enough, we decided to ask some of our most respected peers if they’d fancy it and they jumped at the chance. The idea was (and still is!) to create a knowledge-based forum to develop attitudes, ideas, and lots of questions about the coffee industry… all whilst having a bit of fun, too!

Produced by: Tamper Tantrum
Where: Twisted Pepper (Bodytonic Music)
Who: Colin Harmon, Stephen Leighton, Cosimo Libardo, Paul Stack, Dave Walsh, Gwilym Davies, James Hoffmann
When: May 2011