Chances are, you’re not unfamiliar with the EK43 grinder—first seen being used as a coffee grinder in the 2011 World Brewers Cup (Vienna) and then made a specialty coffee household name thanks to Matt Perger’s 2012 World Barista Championship routine, the EK43 has been a hot topic of conversation within the coffee industry and a familiar site both on the WBC stage and in specialty shops ever since.

In our second video from CoLab: Antwerp, local Rob Berghmans (Caffènation) shares his thoughts on the benefits of using the EK43 as their main espresso grinder as well as the workflow they’ve put into place in order to maximise said benefits. This one is for all types: workflow geeks, EK43 fangirls, Turkish burr skeptics, or even just into the thought-process behind creating shop systems—get in!

Rob Berghmans founded Caffènation back in 2003 when the current form of specialty coffee was still largely uncharted territory. Since then, he and his team have been at the forefront of sourcing, roasting, and serving excellent coffees from their base in Antwerp. Caffènation is involved in many Belgian initiatives that push specialty coffee forward, working constantly to “change the ball game” whilst creating a “second home” for their customers, and have played host to the community-building Belgian Aeropress Competitions since 2011. Their approach has proved to be popular, not just at home in Belgium, but also abroad: Caffènation now has a second shop in Amsterdam and exports a third of their roasting output all over Europe.