Well, now. The similarities are astounding: clocking in at just over one hour and thirty minutes, the return of the (anti-)hero, adoration for a much-loved mentor, a feisty rebellion, a logical robot that inspires both love and hate… Yup, Episode 44 is none other than “Return of the Cho”. It also happens to be the 2015 Tampies!

This week, Colin invites first guest of this year’s podcast reboot, Nick Cho of Wrecking Ball Coffee in San Francisco, back up to the mic to talk about all things 2015 and to help identify those who are taking active steps to move our industry from the realm of “specialty coffee” to that of “progressive coffee”, for better or worse. Join them as they romp through tangential systems of thought, including: mergers and acquisitions, cultural differences, the current state of coffee, the barista power shift, and the usefulness of innovation.

Also covered: the-incident-which-shall-not-be-named, the state of the WBC, accidental and/or intentional waggling, the proliferation of the talk platform, gender imbalance, Geoff Watts vs. Peter G, James Hoffmann’s hair, and more.