After a quick detour into the business of brewing, we’re diving back into bias—but from a completely different perspective. The morning presentations by Meister, Michelle Johnson, and Jenn Chen in New York introduced us to the effect of bias on the industry as people, influencing our career paths, who we hire as employees, how we treat our customers (and how they treat us), the places in which we choose to operate, and the impact on all of the communities we touch as an industry. This week’s video, presented by none-other than Tamper Tantrum Live veteran Matt Perger, examines how bias affects the other primary part of the coffee industry: our product.

“Lemon Juice”, in true Perger fashion, doles out some much-needed tough love in an incredibly approachable way, all whilst looking at how cognitive bias affects everything from our equipment choice to our roasting style. This is, as Matt suggested, truly a look at “five ways to push past your inner Dunning-Kruger”—and a great impetus to think about what we can do to improve coffee quality in the coming years. New Year’s resolution, anyone?

Everything Matt does is focused on consistency, accuracy and deliciousness. People around the world know him as the Barista who popularised using the EK43 grinder for espresso, sieved coffee grinds for uniform particle size in the WBrC and designed his own tamper (amongst other things).

He’s the World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012, and has placed 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2011) in the World Barista Championships. In 2014, he was the Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion.

Matt is a partner at Sensory Lab in Melbourne Australia where he come up with new and exciting ideas to make coffee better. Barista Hustle is where he shares everything he’s learnt so far, interacting with the Barista community and exploring the cutting edge of our craft.