Tamper Tantrum was yet again invited to bring luminary speakers to a World of Coffee Event, this time in the sunny city of Nice. Broadening the live content to feature focused panel discussions and content organised over the three day event by basic topic, the event produced in Nice could probably be considered the point at which we began to take Tamper Tantrum a little more seriously.

Produced by: World Coffee Events, Tamper Tantrum
Host Partners: Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, Nuova Simonelli
Where: SCAE World of Coffee
Who: Colin Harmon, Stephen Leighton, Cory Andreen, Gwilym Davies, Sonja Bjork Grant, Morten Wennersgaard, Phil Schluter, Raul Rodas, Carl Sara, Nadya Motylkova, Mike Strumpf, Andrew Tolley, Jordan Michelman
When: June 2013