This week, we’re joined by the primary ambassador of SCAA’s educational program and a powerhouse of initiative, knowledge, community-building, and just plain getting stuff done: SCAA’s Director of Professional Development, Ellie Hudson. Covering everything from the alignment of SCAA & SCAE in the coming months to the future of the US Regional Competition program, Episode the 32nd offers a unique look at the other side of some of the stories we’ve been discussing the past few weeks. Also included in this week’s episode: Fritz Storm-isms, Doug Zell’s tenacity, the origin of the Gentle Giant joke, and the U.S.S. Badger.

You won’t want to miss this! Ellie has been on our podcast guest wishlist since the beginning of this year; we were so excited, this week’s recording scheduled twelve weeks in advance. For more information about the SCAA research that Ellie references in the podcast, click here.