This week, we’re doing things a little differently—we invited Mat North to revisit his talk, “The Third Wave Has Stagnated”, in light of developments that have happened since his presentation at Cup North: James Hoffmann’s three-part post on the current state of specialty coffee, the release of the WCR Lexicon and SCAA Flavour Wheel, and Nick Cho’s comment that “when sounding smart is more important than being smart, we’re not in a lull, we’re in serious danger.”

In true podcast style, No. 48 stumbles into several other philosophically-heavy topics (different ways of measuring success, career path expansion, prescribed learning vs. rote learning) and is dotted with little glimmers of inadvertent honesty. Also included: what it takes to put together the UKBC, competitor trends from last week’s London heat, increased interest in the Brewer’s Cup, and a new quick-fire round.