To be honest, folks, we’re not even sure how to pitch Episode No. 49. It’s definitely a throwback to the early podcasts in more ways than one, so maybe we’ll go with that: this week, Steve & Col chat completely unsupervised about recent developments at Tamper Tantrum, including the upcoming CoLab: Antwerp and World Coffee Throwing Championship taking place this June in Dublin. Featuring all of the standard hallmarks of a Colin & Steve podcast, No. 49 features Hoffmann-heckling, jokes that won’t die, many expletives, football banter, and lots of misinformation. Also: celebrity coffee throwing, holding speakers hostage, coffee consultants, pocketbook science, the lack of interest in barista competitions, decoy podcasts, travel logs, way more googling than usual, and the dulcet tones of Colin’s singing providing a “professional” touch.

We hope you’ll forgive us and come back for Episode 50.

Want to get involved in CoLab: Antwerp? Complete Talor’s survey on mental health in coffee here, purchase tickets here, or get a peek at The Barista League challenges taking place on Monday evening.