This week, Steve & Colin head out to Dublin’s Sandyford Industrial estate, birthplace of the now-ubiquitous uber boiler and Marco Beverage systems. Before they play with their new toy, they chat about: the origins of Sprudge, recent and upcoming travel, direct trade relationships, and results of last week’s latte art throwdown. They are then joined by Paul Stack, and launch into discussions about filter coffee, the European team coffee competition, and the inception and development of the Uber project, before getting a demo of Uber Boiler V1. Afterwards, they are joined by David Walsh, who tells the story of moving from a “heckling coffee hobbyist” to a well-respected innovator and developer of brewing equipment. The gang chats about preparing Colin for the 2009 WBC before demoing “the vac pot of glory”, which seeks to make the best use of fines, and exploring the accuracy of digital refractometers and whether or not we should rely on them so heavily.