This week’s episode starts off sounding much seedier than it actually is: Colin lured the second Tim of the coffee podcast triple crown, Melbourne-returnee Tim Varney, up to his room for a “chat.” Over coffee and “forgotten” pairs of stray underpants, Tamper Tantrum’s first ever guest co-host (Vienna, 2012) revives the banter: as they talk through Tim’s start in coffee to his current role juggling two companies (the World Aeropress Championship and Bureaux Collective), they reminisce together about Tim Wendelboe topless, the Stockfleth’s manoeuvre, terrible analogies, and snuggle nights with Klaus Thomsen.

Along the way, they also cover some serious stuff, too: the meteoric rise of the WAC, the drive behind the creation of the Bureaux Collective, and the supposed saturation point of the Melbourne market. No. 50 is chock full of blatant honesty and serious silliness—a fitting milestone podcast, if we do say so ourselves.

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