One of our favourite results from what we do are the relationships we build with speakers when we work together and the (often) resulting friendships that come from getting someone up on stage and bringing their presentation to life. This week, we’re joined by one such speaker/friend who took the stage in Dublin way back when—Kas Ali from Waterloo Tea. Together, Jenn and Kas spend No. 54 taking a look at just how much things have changed since then.

The relationship between the specialty coffee and specialty tea industries is truly fascinating: in some ways, it feels like specialty tea is leaps and bounds ahead of us—very few people dispute the difference between “tea bag tea” and quality tea—but slightly behind in others. It’s particularly interesting to see the specialty tea industry taking bits and pieces from specialty coffee, most notably the use of a large competition (the World Tea Brewer’s Cup, taking place for the first time this year in Dublin) and the creation of large, membership-based organisations, to rally the industry together and make an impact on the future of tea.

Want to get involved with the inaugural World Tea Brewer’s Cup? You can find more information about the format here, or if you just want to jump straight in, register here!