It may have taken a little longer than we anticipated, but it’s finally here! Remember that time when Steve went to Shanghai for the World Coffee Roasting Championship, had a chance to sit down with Andreas from Cropster, and promptly had a spectacular technical failure that meant there was no record of the podcast ever having been recorded? This week, we’ve managed to recreate most of that magical moment–sans loss of the final file!–with the help of t’internet!

No. 56 is all about the intersection of coffee and tech, the resulting mutual love affair between coffee and tech geeks, and the changes we’re starting to see—good or bad—as the two become more intertwined. There are some fascinating things that crop up in this conversation to take home and think about a little bit more, regardless of whether you’re a bean-browner or a bean-brewer.

Want to know more? Andreas will be hanging out at SCAE WOC booth H12 next week as well as running info and training sessions with Cloud Picker coffee—registration closes today (June 13)!