We may be one week out from our American debut (Sunday, September 25th at Taylor St. Baristas on Madison Ave! Be there, or be trapezoid!), but it’s no time to slack on the podcast. This week, we’re on No. 63 and Steve is joined by former guest, fellow HasBeaner, SCAE Board Member, and long-time friend, Dale Harris. Aside from a smattering of (somewhat inappropriate) inside jokes, they incidentally (and, as it would seem, accidentally) take on some of the bigger questions and conundrums facing the specialty industry today: how we underestimate large chain businesses, the morality of equipment and wholesale pricing, the most effective way to make positive change in the industry, and the opportunities and challenges facing a unified specialty coffee organisation. Naturally, this doesn’t stop them from tackling their own personal history, too—including why Gwilym Davies is a hero, Dale’s questionable music selection, and Steve’s newest man-crush confession.