We may be right in the middle of our little micro-series on “The Coffee Man”, but the film’s online release isn’t the only thing happening this week—the form for entry into Third Wave Wichteln’s international coffee exchange closes on December 1st! We’ve been watching the Wichteln since it first started in 2013 and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start this week’s episode with a quick chat with one of the architects of the swap, Markus Reuter, before this year’s exchange officially kicks off.

After we say goodbye to Markus, we jump right back into our little micro-series. Our last episode featured Jeff and Roland from Jeraff.tv about what it was like to film, create, and release “The Coffee Man”, a documentary that inadvertently followed Sasa Sestic on his journey to becoming a World Barista Champion in Seattle, but this week, Steve is joined by the coffee man himself. Together, they chat about Sasa’s move to Australia, his introduction to coffee and subsequent career, and competitiveness. Also: Hide’s cumulative awesomeness, what it was like to be in front of the camera, excellent analogies, the promise of a table tennis throw-down.

To register for Third Wave Wichteln, click here. To pre-order “The Coffee Man” before its online release November 30th, click here.