In yet another completely unsupervised episode, Colin Harmon gate-crashes proper Dub (and First-Drafter) Ger O’Donohoe’s house to record this week’s podcast. What began as a walking tour audio guide of things to do whilst in Dublin for SCAE’s World of Coffee (June 23-25) quickly dissolves into piss-takes of the English, local attractions, and each other. Featuring more of Colin’s dulcet-toned singing and lines like “it will make you look like you’re peeing rainbows”, No. 53 is probably the best cultural preparation you’ll get in advance of this year’s WBC.

We’ve taken the not-so-concise list from Col & Ger and added it to Col’s “So you’re thinking of coming to Dublin” list to create one, mega-massive master map to save on your device of choice for your own bimbles about our fair city. #hashtag