On Saturday, September 9, Tamper Tantrum is gate-crashing GitHub HQ in San Francisco to host a day of coffee and geekery at our second-ever Tamper Tantrum Live event in the US of A. We’re looking for a few fabulous coffee partners to make this possible and keep everyone tastily caffeinated on the day.

Ok, I’ll bite–what kind of coffee service are we talking about?
We’ve thought long and hard about what adds value to both partners and attendees after offering our fair share of coffee at previous events as our respective roasteries. It’s our intention to deliver something simple, interesting, and fun! There will be no espresso at this event, no milk beverages of any kind–just a long communal bar with space set aside for each coffee partner to present the coffees they choose to bring as filter only. You’ll be using the exact same brewer, grinder, and water set up on site as the other partners to brew coffee, chat up attendees, and sling bags of retail during the coffee breaks that punctuate the program. This means coffee partners will have time to chat about their coffees whilst attendees sample a fair few and partners work alongside each other without having to work too hard.

Wait, I can bring retail coffee to sell?
You’d be very welcome to bring retail coffee to sell and any money you make is yours! Our audience is mostly made up of super-mega-massive coffee geeks–baristas, cafe managers, shop owners, home afficianados–a targeted audience looking to try new coffees not only for their businesses, but also to bring back from their day with us and share with their colleagues, customers, and friends. We’re envisioning the brewing area as a specialty coffee yardsale of barista dreams with a range of awesome and delicious coffees they might not otherwise have the chance to try!

That’s an interesting partner benefit. Are there any others?
Excellent question–yes, for sure! First of all, as a coffee partner, you’re able to bring (or send) up to two people to participate in the event, not just behind the communal table brewing coffee, but also as a part of the audience. There’s also a number of finer points about how we love to give partners love–particularly with our (very) extended online audience via social media, our fortnightly podcast, and the recorded event videos–but that’s a bit much to include here for now. We’re happy to share some more information about this if you’re interested!

Curiouser and curiouser, but what does it cost?
We’re going to square with you here–we’re less interested in making $’s than we are in putting on a good show for everyone involved whilst making sure that the exposure and value are worthwhile to anyone who supports the event. With this in mind, we have set a very limited number of coffee partnerships available on the day and we’re asking for a financial contribution of $750 in addition to the coffee and people you bring. We’ve thought long and hard about this as folks who are often on your side of the coffee partnership table and this felt like the best balance of exposure and value whilst still allowing us to put on a good show.

I have a few more questions,but I think I’m in. What next?
Awesome! Drop Jenn an email using the link below–she’ll look after you and make sure you get the info you need.




We have spent the past few months looking at how we continue to keep Tamper Tantrum’s live educational events affordable to attend and support whilst maintaining a large library of freely available recorded talks. We always keep our event costs as low as possible and work with like-minded partners, but as our library of content grows ever bigger, we are looking at innovative ways for us to grow without asking for too much support from any one partner.

To this end, we’ve developed a form of partnership that delivers maximum benefit for negligible risk: rather than asking for a large, pre-defined spend with no clear return, we’ve structured our speaker partnerships around a set cost tied to success, capped at a spend determined by our partners. Once received, a portion of any support generated by speaker partnership will be returned directly to our speakers.




We believe that the best and strongest partnerships are built on a common ethos and compatible desires: our event host partners are interested in fostering community and sharing knowledge both locally and worldwide. They help bring programs like Tamper Tantrum to their community by offering both financial and logistical support on the ground.

We ask a lot from our event host partners, it’s true–but our host partners have options to offset costs by retaining 100% of the ticket sales, soliciting local sponsorship, and planning additional activity surrounding the one day program. This kind of partnership delivers incredible value to event host partners, further cementing their identity within their community, locally and worldwide.

Tamper Tantrum, although conceptually built around a one-day program featuring 6 speakers and 2 hosts, offers as broad range of lengths and types of live programs. We pride ourselves on being flexible and nimble when it comes to building events: if one of our existing options for a comprehensive, production-only, or program-only programs doesn’t suit, just let us know: we’re always excited to build new things with partners who prize the sharing of ideas and the building of our community as much as we do.




We work with a single partner to in order to bring high-quality podcast content to our ever-growing audience on a fortnightly release schedule. Featuring coffee banter and interviews with coffee luminaries, the content we showcase has earned us the title of “the gold standard of coffee podcasts” (