You may not know this week’s speaker, recorded in Taipei on our 2014 Asia tour, but you should: as one of the ¬†main architects of Counter Culture’s Direct Trade Certification and the driving force of their annual transparency reports, SCAA’s Director of Sustainability Kim Elena Ionescu has a wealth of information about all things coffee-buying and sustainability. In her talk, Kim shares some of the story behind Counter Culture’s sustainabilty endeavours, what it means to be “Sustainability Manager”, and how to measure sustainability success.

Even if you aren’t beginning to think about sustainability seriously, Kim’s talk is a great exercise in how to adopt new ideas into your business model and measure their success, but after watching her talk, we’re pretty sure you’ll see a value in starting to measure your sustainability, too. This is an inspiring call for our entire industry to be transparent about the things we do in order to better learn and grow together.