It’s pretty rare that we invite someone back to speak at Tamper Tantrum, not because the speakers aren’t amazing, but because we want to provide a diverse range of opinions and thought from different people across the industry. Every now and then, however, the stars align and we find ourselves with a repeat speaker. In truth, this makes us a little nervous: will they be able to deliver something just as good, if not better, than their original presentation? Will it still be as thought-provoking and inspiring?

James Hoffmann has spoken at Tamper Tantrum Live twice, co-hosted our Asia Tour, and was a massive part of Episode the 19th, announcing the newly formed Euroguild (BGE). He had already outdone his Dublin 2011 talk with his Birmingham 2014 talk, but could he do it again? It is with great pleasure that we present to you his unprecedented THIRD talk for Tamper Tantrum, recorded in Taipei, Taiwan on our Asia tour last year. An annoyingly clever presentation, James speaks here about the importance of telling stories in the coffee industry and how we’re doing it all wrong.