This week, we’re releasing the final video of our trading models & certifications deep dive with an eponymous panel discussion recorded at last year’s first-ever RGE Camp featuring Sara Morrocchi (Vuna Origin Consulting), Eva Gefvert Nordell (Are Kafferosteri), and Joanna Alm (Drop Coffee Roasters). Covering everything from a high-level look at certification standards throughout the supply chain to a discussion of problematic dichotomies, this week’s release is highly roaster-focussed, with the panellists discussing the pros and cons of working within each model’s confines before ending with advice for roasters looking to develop better relationships with producers.

Photograph by Jordan Sanchez for Roaster Guild of Europe.

Eva Gefvert Nordell | Åre Kafferosteri
Eva Gefvert Nordell is from the southern of Sweden but moved to the mountains of Jämtland after her Master of Arts in education. After 6 years of teaching French and Physical Education at High School she wanted to do something else and started Åre Kafferosteri, 2007, with her husband, Per Nordell. Åre Kafferosteri is one of the first specialty coffee roasteries in Sweden.

She is a Cup of Excellence jury member and she also judges barista competitions as a sensory judge. She works as a barista, the head roaster and the green buyer at Åre Kafferosteri.

2012 her husband competed in the World Barista Championship in Vienna. He reached the semifinal. She roasted his coffee and coached him.

2014 she won the invitational World Roasters Cup in Taiwan, she won both the best espresso and the best roast.

She loves animals more than anything and thinks that a house isn’t a home unless there are at least 16 paws in the house. She is now waiting for two kittens to become members of the family. She also loves telemark skiing and kayaking.


Joanna Alm | Drop Coffee
Joanna Alm is from Dalarna in the north of Sweden. She ran a coffee bar in Oslo for a few years, moved home to Sweden, and started working at Drop in 2010. A few years ago, Joanna became partner in the company and is now the CEO, head roaster, and green coffee buyer at Drop Coffee. She’s a three-time winner of the Swedish Roasting Championship (2014-2016) who has placed consistently in the final four at the World Roasting Championships during her time as Swedish Champion.

Joanna is also known for her passion for coffee education and community, participating as a speaker, panellist, lecturer, and attendee at coffee events worldwide both as Drop Coffee’s Head Roaster and as a working group member of the Roaster Guild of Europe.


Sara Morrocchi | Vuna Origin Consulting
Born in Italy and educated in the UK, Sara found her path in the specialty coffee sector in various roles since 2007. A social scientist by training, she began working as a development worker in Kenya in early 2000s, and started to grow an interest in ways to grow and strengthen rural supply chains in East Africa. She began working as East Africa supply chain manager for Sustainable Harvest in 2007. This role would keep her working in Tanzania for the next four years. Later, she moved to headquarters in Portland, OR heading up the Global Procurement and Supply Chain management team for 4 years.

Sara has recently moved to Amsterdam to start her Vuna Origin Consulting, specialized in supply chain strategies and product development in green coffee and cacao. The perfect mix of origin travel, suppliers’ relationships and tropical products makes her work extremely exciting. She is passionate about creating long-term sustainable solutions to empower and incentivise supply chain actors in collaborative ways.