We’re absolute and utter competition geeks, so we jumped at the chance to join SCA UK at this year’s first-ever Espressofest in Bristol, home of the UKBC semifinal and final rounds. Joined by some equally geeky friends – Cerianne Bury, Nick Mabey, and Jessie May Peters – we sat down with each UKBC finalist on Sunday, August 20, 2017 to learn more about their routines and chat through some of the conversations taking place within the industry this year.

Here, we’re joined by Diana Johnson of Taylor St. Baristas, who placed fifth in this year’s comp. Together with Diana, the panel chats through her choice of variety, the impact of innovation and research, and her 2017 endeavor to compete in every SCA competition. This sparks a much longer conversation about career progression, competition, and the institutionalisation of barista education: what does it mean to be a career barista?

📷: @allthesinglelattes for @sca_uk