Attention, water geeks! This week’s video is for you. Dr. Marco Wellinger, leading author on the SCAE’s recently published “The SCAE Water Chart: Measure, Aim, Treat”, took to the stage in Antwerp to share the most-recent results of his then ongoing research in preparation for publication. Dr. Wellinger’s talk is a deep dive into some of the water conundrums he and the SCAE Research team faced when developing the water chart, like the fact that pH measurements are often a poor indicator of a water’s alkalinity and why you sometimes get “fizzy espresso” after treating very hard water with decarbonizing ion-exchangers. This is definitely another talk where you’ll want to have a notebook, pencil, and the ability to hit a pause button as you watch!

Dr. Marco Wellinger: Coffee researcher in the field of chemistry, technology and sensory analysis; Q Arabica Grader, MSc ETH Zürich, Dr. ETH Lausanne / Paul Scherrer Institute

Marco Wellinger is a research fellow in the group of Chahan Yeretzian at the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology at ZHAW Wädenswil. His fields of research are instrumental analysis of volatile aroma compounds from coffee (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry), espresso machine and grinder technology as well as sensory analysis of coffee. In the last two years he has been engaged in the topics of characterization and treatment of water for coffee extraction. He held presentations on the topic of water at various locations, among the most recent at AST Live 2016 in Budapest. He was the lead author in the upcoming booklet on water from the SCAE published this year (2016), “The SCAE Water Chart: Measure, Aim, Treat.”