There’s no denying that water is a hot topic in the coffee industry right now, thanks to the work of Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Christopher Hendon on “Water for Coffee”, but is it necessary—or even desirable—to put systems in place to concoct the “perfect” water in every shop?

Chloe Callow (Bespoke Water, Pendred & Co) took the stage at Cup North 2015 to talk about basic water science, the different approaches to filtration she comes across regularly, and why you shouldn’t blindly implement everything you read.

Chloe launched the Bespoke Water division for Norman Pendred & Co Ltd in 2013 as a trial. The business is now going strong and supplies a large percentage of the specialty coffee industry with reverse osmosis equipment. Chloe’s real passion is writing, along with the social and community aspects of the coffee industry, which she satisfies as Associate Editor of Caffeine Magazine, as a sporadic contributor to London’s Best Coffee, and via her own blog.