New York City (2016)



Five years ago, Colin Harmon and Steve Leighton came up with one of their mad “ideas”—what if they got some really cool coffee folk, people who really knew what they were on about, and invited them to give a 20 minute talk on a coffee topic of their choice? What if those cool coffee folk were able to get as geeky as they wanted and focus on as minute a detail as they’d like to without having to generalise or dumb their ideas down?

In the years that have passed since those first five coffee luminaries got up on the dark (and slightly sticky) stage at the Twisted Pepper in Dublin, Tamper Tantrum Live has visited over 12 cities in 10 different countries, featured 70 different speakers, and built an incredible library of freely available coffee lectures. To celebrate these fairly momentous milestones, we’re coming to America.

On Sunday, September 25, we’re going to be taking over Taylor St. Baristas’ beautiful new shop on East 40th Street in Manhattan (NY, NY) to host a day choc-a-bloc with coffee, geekery, and fun with the help of our good friends Chemex, who are celebrating some pretty significant milestones of their own this year.

TT NYC also saw the introduction of a communal table coffee service, where coffee partners presented their coffees to attendees during coffee breaks with retail bags of coffee available to take home and enjoy after all is said and done. Everyone at the communal table served filter coffee only, using equipment provided by our title partner CHEMEX, grinder partner Baratza, and equipment partner Acaia.

Where: Taylor St. Baristas, NYC (33 E 40th St) 
When: Sunday, September 25, 2016 | 9:00 – 18:00


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Taylor St. Baristas have been a cornerstone of London’s dynamic coffee scene since 2006, where they have since built a strong reputation for quality, hospitality, and education with their nine shops, home barista training program, and coffee subscription service. Conceived in Australia and born in London, Taylor St. Baristas has recently opened their tenth shop a stone’s throw from Grand Central Station in New York City. Located at 33 E 40th St, Taylor St. Baristas’ New York location serves an inspired menu that draws heavily from Australia, London, and New York out of their full-service kitchen and features an innovative filter coffee bar. For more information on Taylor St. Baristas, please visit

Chemex Corp was founded in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, on the principle that good invention will inherently lead to beauty. From this ideal the Chemex coffeemaker was created, which many consider to be the perfect combination of science and art. Located in Western, Massachusetts, the company is family owned and operated, led by a brother and sister team who are passionate about bringing superior brewing equipment to the global community. Celebrating 75 years and counting of perfect extraction, Chemex Corporation is honored to carry on the legacy of Dr Schlumbohm and his iconic Chemex coffeemaker. For more information, please visit