World of Coffee: Vienna (2012)


In 2012, Tamper Tantrum were invited to SCAE’s World of Coffee with World Coffee Events to bring two days of coffee geekery to the biggest coffee competition hub ever seen.

Since dubbed “The Lost Files” as an unfortunate mishap meant that we came away from Vienna without watchable video, Vienna 2012 played host to an absolutely incredible lineup of speakers. Although something gets lost without the visuals, Steve decided that instead of them being lost forever that we would make them available in audio format.

Produced by: World Coffee Events, Tamper Tantrum
Host Partners: Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, Nuova Simonelli
Where: SCAE World of Coffee
Who: Colin Harmon, Stephen Leighton, Federico Bolanos, Tim Wendelboe, Chris Baca, David Nigel Flynn, Mike Philips, Matt Perger, Anthony Benda, Federico Pacas, Trish Rothgeb, Geoff Watts, Seife Tuuloskorpi, Tim Varney
When: June 2012